Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Schematic Design : SEPHORA BROADCAST

SEPHORA BROADCAST is a pop up retail installation that functions as a companion store to nearby SEPHORA stores. It serves to broadcast popular and anticipated products by SEPHORA and its partners within the framework of theatricality and drama.

Broadcast is made up of modular column units arranged in a cardinal orientation. The columns are dedicated to the showcasing of select fragrance, skincare, color, and hair products. The theatrical nature of SEPHORA’s composition extends to the illuminated cast members who serve as display/beauty station units. The illuminated cast members sport the products in a provocative manner, providing a fresh experience for the consumer/ client.

Broadcast travels to popular outdoor locations around Miami, Fl. rife with color and liveliness. As an outdoor pavilion, Broadcast is open and inviting to the public.

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