Sunday, March 28, 2010

india: 3/20/2010 The Final Day

india: 3/19/2010

india: 3/18/2010

india: 3/17/2010

India: 3/16/2010

India: 3/15/2010

India: 3/14/2010

India: 3/13/2010

India: 3/12/2010

India: 3/11/2010

India: 3/10/2010

- New bus, new drivers to Red Fort area.
- Rode rickshaw bikes to Red Fort.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

India: 3/9/2010

-We played frisbee with the girl from yesterday.
-On to national museum of New Delhi. The museum was mostly made up of statues and other objects. My favorite rooms were of the Gods, weapons and sea ships. I noticed one lady placing a flower at the base of one of the statues. This was perhaps her house god as it was not one of the "main Gods." This was beautiful to see, as well that the museum staff are not bothered by this act.
- The Buddha statue sketch I read was in the greek style as the rulers in power desired Gods depicted this way. A curious little boy followed me through some of the rooms. When I came to sketch the battle elephant the little boy walked up next to me to watch. He smiled with yellow braces watching me sketch, occasionally looking up at the elephant and back down at my page.
- Next to the Indian Museum of Modern Art. The building was brand new however its interior design was very problematic in circulation. The museum was mostly paintings. The different exhibits told of the English patrons who began to commission and reinvigorate the fledging popularity (among Indians) of miniature paintings. There were also many beautiful realist paintings.
- While I walked around I was approached by a young Indian couple. I learned their names (spelled phonetically) Ripsiana and Yipisin. They were very nice, curious about where I was from and what I thought of India and New Delhi. Later on I sat down with my friends to sketch a near by statue when Ripsiana approached me and asked if I would like to come with her to "a spiritual place." I had to decline since I was with a group. Since all my friends saw this they made a few jokes like I would be taken away and trafficked or have my kidneys stolen. I think they were just nice people coming across weird.
-We chilled at the hotel before dinner. I did the watercolor on the boat. Fortunately I was able to make some green colors as I lost both of my green half pans on the plane.
- Dinner in the same area I got my frisbee. We walked around and once again a group of guys followed Clairissa around!

Friday, March 26, 2010

The Catered Experience

Our ground floor facilities exemplified through our jellyfish concept convey energy and tension while providing healthy space and sight lines.
The 72 year old wheelchair-bound man will find that the large open spaces allow ease of navigation. The seven tabled laundry area will allow him to pull up and manage his laundry at a comfortable height of 3'. Should he desire to lift weights there is ample space in the fitness area for him to park his wheel chair while he uses weight benches. The fitness area also features much unoccupied window space where he may sit to lift dumb bells.
The six year old girl will find the space easily navigable due to the iconic angles and colors of the different areas' walls and structural elements. As the fitness area could be potentially dangerous there is a healthy amount of space between it and the recreation and laundry areas. Clear sight lines allow adults to see the girl should she wonder into an area where people are lifting weights. T.V.s and other entertainment in the recreation area will likely keep the small girl occupied.
The 42 year old mother who works in the building would find the fitness, laundry, and recreation areas to be easily accessible due to the clean sight lines and open spaces. While she launders she can send children to the relatively close recreation area. The laundry room's open orientation to the recreation area allows for clean sight lines to children in the recreation area. Within the fitness area simple workout benches, dumb bells, treadmills, and stationary bikes are readily available.

When The Lights Go Off

Whether I've slept a lot or a little when the lights go dim during a lecture I nod off. Fortunately sketching in between notes allows me to stay awake a little longer.

Planning Unity

I made a 1/16"th scale print-out of the ground floor of Unity Village which I used to design with trace paper overlays. I used the rulers in Photoshop to scale the drawing.