Thursday, October 22, 2009

Foods Lab Perspectives

I made perspectives by taking pictures of the physical model I made. Each of the pictures are actually panoramic views made up of 5 to 6 different shots. I used the photomerge in photoshop to create the panoramic views. to do the rendered perspectives I traced the pictures and then added new people, entourage and an outside desert scene. I love the desert and whenever I do perspectives with windows I like to show desert elements to spice things up. The perspectives are also very useful in showing the wide-angle lens (positioned above the instructor station) which looks down to show the instructor's demonstration.

Venus Man Trap

I've always had a fascination with Venus Fly Traps and now that I have 2 plants at my desk window I look at them all the time. All the girls come by my desk and poke at them and act like they're scared. It's fun to imagine that the plants could grow large enough to eat us. They are also very interesting to look at in that they don't just grow straight up like most plants, they twist and turn and even lie on the ground.
While doing this project I looked at them straight on to capture the twisted extreme positions they get into. It works out well for the story I'm creating because these twisted positions make them appear to be moving, as if they are poised for attack.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sleepless Night

A few nights ago I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't get back to sleep. I turned on my little light and sketched the iron and the shirt sitting on my dresser. Sitting in that position up against the wall made my back hurt, so once I was done with the drawing I went to sleep pretty easy.

Kinsey Jones

I got to draw Kinsey on draw your-neighbor-day! I got her to look at the window and look pretty and my hands did the rest. Too bad I kind of made her look scared.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Junk Truk

I was waiting for Buiscuitville to open one morning so I decided to sit in the Office Depot parking lot across the street and draw this junky truck that was for sale. I decided to use my newfound pen shading technique. By shading the ground below, I kind of fixed my mistake of making the back end higher than the front. It looks like the truck is moving down a downward slope.

Tommy and Suzanne at The Green Standard

It's fun to watch people. Tommy moved around a lot and constantly put his arm around the seat next to him. Everyone has an animal that they look like- The way Tommy moved his head back and forth and the way his lip connects to his nose made me come to the conclusion that Tommy is a lizard. Because Suzanne sat in front of me I could only watch her out of the corner of my eye, she looked down a lot because she was drawing little caricatures of herself, so unfortunately I was unable to capture her true beauty or find her animal.

Texture Study

This is the texture study from class. By accident I learned how to do a light shading with pen! Because I was using a .02 micron, I turned it to its side like a piece of charcoal almost so it couldn't mark and it began to shade like a pencil! This was so cool I shaded the whole piece of wood with this technique.

Assorted Judiths 2

Rendered Entenza Plan

Thursday, October 1, 2009

My Hand

The hand in my castle is very large so once again I needed to practice in my sketchbook before doing the final thing. Once again I used the beige marker with warm grays to create shadows and curves. I used a white color pencil to give light to the top areas of my hand and arm. I also practiced a small mechwarrior below when I was trying to figure out color schemes for the different mechwarriors in my castle.


This is a mechwarrior I practiced in my sketchbook for my castle project. Because it was in my sketchbook I wasn't scared or timid about taking risks with the markers. But as it turned out the risks paid off and this really got me to love markers instead of just watercolors.

Assorted Judiths

Drawing someone multiple times is helpful to understand spacing of different features of the face. I later used this to practice rendering for my castle project. With the two faces to the left I used the actual "flesh" labeled chartpak marker. But I found beige with warm grays for shadow and value to be the best marker for skin though it does turn out a little dark. Don't worry, I do take notes during class these are compiled from multiple days.