Sunday, October 31, 2010

Biff Burger Analysis

Fun Draws From Class

I've been practicing a lot with amping up my line weights. I've been shown a few drawing techniques by David Gibbs on how to finish a line by fattening the ends. Receding round surfaces can be fattened to show the compression of area, implying roundness.

Parrish Wine/Res Design Development One

Parrish Wine/Res Schematic Design

These images are some initial sketches and spatial diagraming regarding the wine bar and residential spaces.

The bar perspective is based around the moment of creating diverse ways of engaging a bar and the band that would perform in front. Bar patrons can sit at the booths, sit at the bar, lean on the bar (with provided leaning ledge), or stand, all the while at the same relative eye level. It is interesting to explore the dynamic between booth seating at 1 1/2' off the ground on top of a platform to meet bar benches which are typically twice that height.

This perspective was also helpful in exploring how the environmental systems can be integrated with the space.

Downtown Durham Wine-bar/Residence Reinvigoration

Our third project is to design and create a multi use retail/residential unit within the historic building site of 106 Parrish Street. This project is part of the planned reinvigoration and economic development of downtown Durham, North Carolina. This building will complement the flavor of the emerging surrounding businesses. The first floor will feature a wine bar/ retail space tailored the local tastes of downtown Durham. The second and third floors will be made up of four residence/apartments each complete with kitchen, bed room, laundry, bathroom, and living space units.

I am tackling this project with my talented classmates, Felicia Dean and Ino Loloci