Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Hero Shot

Above is the hero shot I made for our skyscraper poster. Our poster's were 3'x4' portrait, and this was the largest image. I'm very proud of how it came out thanks in part for my group members helping me find its focus. The skyscraper and immediate site was modeled in sketchup and then rendered in Sketchup Podium. I put this image in photoshop, played around with the image levels, blended textures, and then added the sea, sky and foreground ships.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Scenes From Our Home Presentation

Stockholm Skyscraper: The Site

Whether they be within "U" shaped buildings, or outside iconic corner structures; plaza spaces are completely ingrained in the makeup of Stockholm architecture. This identity as well as the nature by which our skyscraper cuts into the land is the impetus by which I was most able to realize the concepts of grafting and fracture.

- Where one goes to be in suspended transition.
- Bus stops are spaced generously in between primary traffic flow.
- Dematerialization- shedding down to the bones. Clean lines break the plaza spaces into public and private zones that lead to the entrances.
- A sculptural marker is placed at the edge of each plaza stating the building’s grafted presence.

Stockholm Skyscraper: The Office

Equality in Swedish culture is very important. I expressed this through a continuous, divider-free desk arrangement that runs diagonally to the perimeter. A subtle separation is established without walls that cut off collaboration. The spaces includes a print room, kitchen, workspace, lounge area, and library.

Beat the Bunker
-Tall skyscrapers may elicit feelings of intense enclosure or claustrophobia. Tall exposed ceilings, partition walls, and clerestory windows break from the monotony of typical corporate spaces.
- A high exposed ceiling , clerestory windows, partition walls, and drop lights draw in light and provide unique spatial volumes.
- Desks of natural materials (MDF, Bamboo)
- Light and transparent storage.
-Trees and shrubs planted into the raised floor are enhanced with radiating floor motifs. Nature’s presence provides a place of reflection and mental rest.
Identifying Space
- Architectural bays express subtle separations of space.
- Clerestory windows prevent blind corners.
One and Only
- Non-linear desk layout provides an opportunity for project teams to align on multiple axes.
Touch the sky
-Banisters run the perimeter along the windows of each floor.
Never Cornered
-Rooms are dissolved into spaces to enhance the collective mindshare. Rooms with walls are accented with angles, and curved corners.
Express Collaboration
- Tall rounded storage units at the cap of each aisle function as collaboration surfaces for quick exchanges between project teammates.

Stockholm Skyscraper: The Sky Bar/Restaurant

This sky restaurant is located in the higher floors of the skyscraper. To play up the sensation of being high up, I made this floor cantilever over the lower floor with seating along a leaning rail that lines the edge. It is very open with clear sight lines to all areas.

The park/plaza identity of the outer-site and offices is also brought into this floor with the geometric pathways and full size trees that reach up from below.