Monday, December 13, 2010

Parrish Wine/Residence Final Poster Presentation

Parrish Wine/Residence Finalized Design

The wine bar and the above residential spaces were generated in response to the organization and living habits of downtown Durham, NC. Within the downtown organization, one’s home is clustered amongst restaurants, bakeries, salons, and galleries, all of which are footsteps away. A similar approach has been taken with the open floor plans whereby rooms and functions are blended; each sharing one footprint, generating a spatial identity within home and utility.

Much like the revitalizing process taking place in downtown Durham, components of the space are designed to soften industrial qualities through an exploration of urbanizing nature. The visual weight of distressed woods is brought to modern standards through the sleekness and utility identified with the urban setting. Perspectives, like that of the outside environment are interrupted but never broken as space-defining components seek to filter space rather than define it.

I have to reference Craig Irvine's design blog, as I borrowed a lot of ideas regarding the composition of my scale figures; enlivening the spaces; breaking out of their frames. I also looked to one of his board layouts, which showed me how a layout can be influenced by shapes and elements present in a "hero shot" perspective.

Central Regional Hospital Poster Presentation

Central Regional Hospital Finalized Design

The elements fundamental to the healing system: familiarity to a child’s home environment, comfort, as well as providing some sense of growth and connection to the outside universe direct the design proposal for the Child and Adolescent Unit of the Central Regional Hospital.

The design concept is based on the moment under a shade tree: the revitalizing sensation one experiences while lying on fresh green grass, patches of dirt, encircling roots and a cool earthy scent in the breeze. The proposed spaces comprise this moment through components that influence, connect and govern each other