Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Psychiatric Hospital Precedent Studies

The most helpful information I've been able to find regarding children's care and design is in the Denver Colorado Children's Hospital. There is an interactive page that is packed with information based on solutions to common hospital/institution problems.

I'm also looking at the Helsingor Psychiatric Hospital in Denmark for ideas on color, light integration, furniture type and placement as well as turning institutional stereotypes over.

Monday, August 30, 2010

The Garden Benches

To further my understanding of the Powers of Ten I decided to focus on a community/student garden project involving the manufacture of bench/storage pieces. To emphasize the notion of community I began working off of a spiral idea as its ascension is relative to its origin and the circular form unifies those within. The benches must unify the people working around them in the garden as well as have a story of connection built into their design. I decided to imply this aesthetic connection by breaking the spiral so that one's imagination and curiosity completes the spiral. This break also functions to allow both people and wheelbarrows free traversal.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Connecting The Powers of Ten

The Powers of Ten is most significant within the context of the Eames’ quote: “Eventually everything connects.” It is evident that design for the Eames was not a job or purpose, but a necessary part of life. The connection of life experiences made its way into all of the Eames’ designs. While filming a documentary on pottery making, the Eames found incentive to their “organic chair.”

The connection between the audience and the subject of the film is made instantly as with no prior explanation the narrator sets off with a patterned set of steps based on a number all humans can relate to. The connection to humans; human relation in scale is the subject of the film just as human relation to designed objects is the designer’s primary concern. Although we are dragged out into the deepest known reaches of the universe we are not without a sense of place, as the zoomed out pan of the camera is based on the introductory metric square one man may fit within. Just as atoms form molecules; molecules to cells and cells to organs, we are but a unit to the earth, which is a unit of the galaxy. The units we design must always make conscious connections to the governing system we manufacture.

The film presents us with perspectives we have never experienced before and the significance of humanity, the earth and the sun is brought to the size of a pea. The film dictates that the impulses of design can be found deep within the cells of our bodies or on the contours of the skeletal membrane of an ant. If we look close enough; imagine far enough design’s connection to life will become self evident.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Exploring The Powers of Ten

Above are images regarding my exploration of the Powers of Ten. I mostly experimented in exploding the scale of ears and noses to try and find new avenues of creative thought. I also made a color study with bold forms and bold colors. I also made a claymation based on the morphing of my nose and ear.