Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Materials Study

The above materials are for my Stephen Hawking kitchen design. Each material is rendered in pencil, pen and pen and marker. They are (from left to right) ultraglas, scintilla tile, kirei board and paperstone. These things were uber time consuming

Across The Street From Fishbones

This was a sketch from the Fishbones restaurant patio looking across the street at the "Filling Station" restaurant. We were there with some old hippie friends of my dad. My father's friend Danny told us about the time he and a friend raided a farmer's "mushroom" patch and were shot at. They lived.

Haybles Hearth

This is my dad's favorite restaurant. It seems to be one of the last hole- in-the-wall places left in Greensboro. Great home-cooked food and friendly folks!

Communications Class Speeches 2

It's really funny how when you draw someone (whether it truly looks like them or not) you can really see how long or wide their face is. I also feel that in each of these drawings I have captured the essence of each person. Some are shy and nervous while others aggressively bloat out what they have to say.

Stephen Hawking Kitchen Practice Perspectives

These perspectives helped me a lot with figuring out the color scheme I would use on my final perspectives. I also got to practice drawing Stephen Hawking. I wanted to make sure that it didn't seem like I was trying to make him look funny, and to make him seem like a part of the space as if he is part of the design.

Stephen Hawking Construction PLan

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Final Foods Lab Compositions

These are my compositions for my final presentation to the nutrition department. Stephanie told me to incorporate my tectonic logo into my final presentation (not foods lab) and since I was excited for logos, I decided to create logos for my Foods Lab compositions. I created hands and fingers that are stuck to each other to relate my beehive concept without creating a literal beehive logo. The fingers represent community relating to the mass of bees that populate a beehive. When the bees are in the hive they cannot fly but they still work very efficiently. I attempt to illustrate this with the logos in that the hands are capable of constricted but efficient movement as well. This is not to say that my proposed space is constricted but to relate to one characteristic of the beehive community.

Tectonic Face

When I was sitting at my desk mid Saturday the sun was beginning to set behind me. My laptop sat in front of me on my desk. I looked up and in the dark screen I saw my face in a half silhouette. I've seen it many times before, but this time the light and angle was perfect to where my face was seemingly divided in half. I dropped what I was doing and sketched it out for fun. Later on I decided I could modify it to work with my current studio design concept of "Tectonic" and turn it into a logo for the "So You Think You Can Draw" contest.

We had a class vote for the logo contest, and guess what?..
I won!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Sky Tower

Tectonic Composition

A point of impact breaks plates. The plates shift and where they shift and break light is created. The idea of light and weightlessness coming from such a dark, compact dense place is what I play my concept on. My kitchen space contains fragmented elements, these elements in their seeming shift make the space seem automated, progressive, and dramatic as if it is changing and going somewhere.