Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Design Development One

The concept of "Broadcast" is about generating interest in select SEPHORA products. "Broadcast" spoke to me as a concept because I see it as rays that break off from an origin point to influence their environment in various ways. I imagine the pop up store reaching out to recreational shoppers while still pointing them to companion SEPHORA stores nearby. Broadcast rings within a radar system floating out are seemingly weightless, much like the way makeup should make one feel. The shop is open with large mannequins that show the products in theatrical and provocative ways so as to engage the shopper in an entertaining experience. The openness of the layout allows customers to easily get the big idea of what the space is about as well as enabling easy access to the products.

Merchandise is to be out and open for testing. The mannequins stretch out gesturing for their products to be tested. Client/customers enter from all sides as the store is located along major walking throughways. The cash wrap and beauty station are located next to each other as they are both "grounded" with a major column. Products will be displayed with the mannequins, columns, as well as curtain units that travel along tracks underneath the main structure's broadcast rings.

The space will be primarily white with black accents and more minimal red accents. The red will be used to play up key elements such as the mannequins and column components. The heavy use of white is broken up through the use of different textured and patterned materials. White Kirei wood will is used in horizontal applications as its visual texture is very layered much like the SEPHORA brand design.

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